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Tulips Gone Wild

Are you tulips doing backbends? Are they making crazy shapes on your kitchen table? I got a great email from a customer asking me "What is going on with my tulips, they are bending all over the place??!"

One of the many reasons I love tulips is their personality. Tulips are phototrophic, (fun new word huh?) meaning, that they follow the sun.

tulips reaching toward the sun
Some of my super bendy tulips

If you put tulips on your table, they will always lean toward the light. Another fun personality trait is that they continue to grow in the vase! This combination means that they can get a little unruly in an arrangement (which I just call personality, and makes me love them even more). Here are a few tricks to keep your tulips happy and a *little* more tame:

1) Don't be afraid to give them a good trim. Since they grow even in vase water, I suggest every couple of days, snipping off the bottoms and giving them a fresh cut. It helps keep their stems strong and also contains them a little.

2) If your vase is in a low-light situation, turn your vase a 1/4 turn every day. It makes you pause to appreciate your flowers and also keeps the tulips from stretching at such crazy angles!

3) After you trim, refresh their water. The trim will remove any bacteria build-up at the end of the stem. The build-up prevents them from getting a good, full, drink of water. Refreshing the water will allow them to drink clear water through their declogged stem which will keep them hydrated and looking fabulous!

We grow all double tulips which means they look like a peony and a tulip had a baby. They've got ruffles for days and will last in a vase for 10-14 days, making them the queen of Spring cut-flowers.

Feel free to reach out with flower or bouquet questions! I love talking tulips and all things flower.

Speaking of Tulips, hop on over and grab your Mama an arrangement!!

Our Mother's Day Special is chock full of these gorgeous double tulips that are unique, beautiful, and have lots of personality (just like you as a kid, right???).

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