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Our Flowers

Creating beauty through Mountain-grown blooms and community connection

After being evacuated for over 40 days in the Summer 2021 from the Dixie Fire, I couldn't stop worrying about my flowers. 

My amazing neighbors and family helped keep them alive as we watched our community burn around us. 

At that moment I knew it had to be flowers. 

The devastation wrought by the fire is deep and far-reaching, but this is a story of hope. 

Our flowers are grown out of a deep knowledge of the power of beauty. 

The gift of flowers always says "I love you" and "I care." 

Those are the words we are speaking to our community and our world. 

We care.

We can do this. 

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Thanks for Joining Us!


Why Local Flowers?

Choosing Our Flowers Means:

  • Seasonal Blooms that you can't get elsewhere.  Since our flowers are grown on the farm and sold direct to the consumer we can grow a wide range that can't be found in the Wholesale market or Grocery Stores

  • You're supporting our family!

  • You're Supporting the resurgence of the American Flower Industry. Flowers shipped from overseas isn't good for our planet or Local Farms.

  • Supporting Regenerative Farming. We use No-Till practices on our farm and are really excited about living soil biology. We don't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and we are committed to leaving everything better than we found it.

  • Supporting Pollinators. We love bees, and honey. 

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