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Whoa. Slow down.

Take a Breath.

Do you crave moments that help you slow down and fill you up?


We created Barn Swallow Gardens so you could feel more of these moments.


We believe in YOU and your ability to create beauty in your own life. 

We chose to return home to our beloved mountain valley to raise our family in a place where they could be surrounded by beauty and connection. 


Barn Swallow Gardens was born at a moment when our community deeply needed beauty after the 2021 Dixie Fire devastated our community.


We committed to filling hearts and souls by growing flowers.

We've been fostering community, learning, and beauty ever since.


Let's create beauty together. 


Why Barn Swallow Gardens?

Every April the Barn Swallows return from their thousands of miles migration.  They come back to the same nests at our farm and we watch them swoop and dive in droves.  They welcome in Spring, reminding us that the beautiful work of growing is ready to begin again.  

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