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How to Plant Daffodils (aka Narcissus)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The blanket of snow on our flower beds has me feeling extra cozy this morning.

I still have thousands of bulbs to get in the ground and I'm thankful for the rain and snow which will get them off to a good start!

This weekend is our final Fall Bulb Workshop. I'm excited to connect with my Flower Friends before Winter hibernation sets in and I'll be huddled by the fireplace planning for next season and making Christmas wreaths!

Many of you purchased our Heirloom Narcissus collections and I wanted to give you some motivation and tips for planting your beautiful bulbs in the the coming weeks!

  • This is the time. Plant bulbs in the Fall. Narcissus (aka Daffodils) need the Winter for chill hours and to establish good roots for the following Spring. If they don't get cool enough, for long enough, it will prohibit them flowering in the Spring! I shoot to plant my bulbs from Halloween through November to make sure the soil is cool and that we have moisture on the horizon-- both of which make happy bulbs.

  • Pointy side up! Crispy little hairy roots go down.

  • Plant bulbs at a depth of 2 times their height. Typically this is about 6". In the photo you can see this bulb is 2.5" and I'm putting it in at 5" plus and inch of compost/mulch.

  • In our dry climate, mulch is key for helping maintain soil moisture and keeping the water in the soil for the bulb to use all winter.

  • Plant them about as far apart as they are wide. Narcissus bulbs will bulk up over time so they need a little room to expand.

  • Dig the hole, water the soil, place the bulb. This allows the moisture to be at the bulbs roots, where it needs it!

  • After covering, water well again, especially if there is no rain or snow in the forecast. These little guys thrive with some moisture BUT they don't like to be sitting in water or they will rot. Be sure to choose a well drained location.

  • Daffodils are truly hardy so don't worry about freezing temps, they are little bulb champs. Wait for them to make their appearance in Early Spring. My earliest Narcissus come up at the end of February and other varieties take me through mid April!

I hope you plant plenty of these beauties this Fall, your future self will thank you!

Happy Planting, I'm off to put in a few thousand Tulips!

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