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Bouquet Tutorial

We are fresh off of our first week of Summer bouquet deliveries! I created a little video to help you get the most out of your flowers. I heard from a few of you that you don't want to mess up the arrangement. I am here to tell you to cut, experiment, and have a great time creating with our flowers! In the video, I mention the mix of flowers we put into each bouquet. I make sure to include 5 types of flowers in each bouquet so you have all the ingredients you need to create a fabulous arrangement.

1) Focal flower- this is typically the largest flower in the arrangement. It is showy and big. Today our focal is a Sunflower and a secondary focal is Canterbury bells

2) Filler flowers- smaller flowers that add texture and are the backdrop for your bouquet palette. This week there is Yarrow and delicate Feverfew.

3) Line flowers-- A long flower that gives the bouquet visual lines to follow with your eye. This bouquet has Snapdragons, Larkspur, and Bells of Ireland

4) Radial Flowers- Circular flowers that help round out the bouquet. Today's are some of my favorite, Iceland Poppies.

5) Airy Flowers- These little bits create movement within an arrangement. This bouquet has Lady Mauve Bachelor buttons

Each of these elements helps to build an elegant bouquet with lots of visual interest. Watch the video below to see a couple of different ways to arrange your bouquet!

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