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Barn Swallow Gardens

Bouquet Subscriptions

- Est. 2020 -

Welcome to Barn Swallow Gardens! 

 I am so glad you dropped in.  

Do you love a good story? 

How about the ones that leave you smiling, thinking, and feeling warmth all the way down to your toes? 

Those are the stories we tell with our flowers. 

We love to tell your beautiful and unique story on your wedding day. 

Our bouquets are reminders that you deserve to put your feet up and enjoy. 

Our flowers on your kitchen table reflect your beauty and value. 

Let us tell you a beautiful story with flowers. 

Local Flower Bouquet

Let our flowers be a weekly reminder that you are worthy of great beauty. 

Available April-September

Farm Tour 7.23.22.jpeg

Come have a blast on the farm learning about growing and design. We can't wait to meet you, hear your story, and share ours.

Do you want something magical for your day?  We create floral art that tells your unique story with blooms from our farm. 

Sign-up and we'll send you tips for growing in our wild and wonderful mountain climate, floral inspiration, and our fun farm offerings!

Thanks for subscribing!


We'd love to hear from you

Located in Taylorsville, CA

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